Haven's Wolves Series 

    Forever In Your Arms, Vampire Series

Shelby Lynn 

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Leon's Chance is the third book in the Forever Vampire Series!  I am currently working on this one! I am hoping on an October release date.


 Also the Haven's Wolves Series will have a Christmas Book again this year.  It will be a full length novel this year.  I hope to have the bookcover for, An Unexpected Surprise very soon.


Shelby Lynn

Loving Cantelle~ In Ebook stores Now!




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      I'm a Paranormal Author with JKPublishing.  I write Erotic books, like most authors published by JKPublishing, Inc.  I am a writer of the Erotic Romance, my books are of M/M or M/M/M Genre and soon to be M/M/F as well.  If you are looking for a great storyline and romance to fill your mind!  You've come to the right place!  Love has no boundries!

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Shelby Lynn




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The Haven's Wolves Series

Sammy's Heroes


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The Lost Shifter Series:


Loving Cantelle


In eBook stores now!


      In book one of the Lost Shifters:  When the Fates are deceived thousands of years ago by one of their own, they put together a plan to defeat the evil in the future.  They rely on the Saber shifters, powerful warriors of their time who were on the verge of extinction, with no way for Mother Nature to keep it from happening.  Seeing an opportunity, the Fates stepped in, the plan to save the souls of the Saber shifters and send them to the future to help fight the evil developed.  Limited in how much they could intervene leaves them watching when their plan starts to take place.  They have one shot at the evil and a lot to depend on to get to that point in time.  If one step fails or another path is taken, then it would be the end and evil will have won .

     Every night of Cantelle's life since she could remember, she dreamed of two boys.  She watched them play as small children, followed their everyday lives as if she was a part of it in some small way.  As Cantelle grew up, so did her dream friends—that's how she thought of them.  Growing up in foster care her whole life they were the only friends and playmates she had.  As time passes, she learns their names, then finally as a grown woman she hears them talk about where they live so she sets out on a journey either to find them or answer the question that has always plagued her mind.  Were they just imaginary friends conjured up by a child to get through a bad time in her life?

    Kevin and Ryan have been friends since they were young.  As they come into their manhood, they find yet another thing they have in common—Saber souls.  Over time, they learn a lot about what their destiny holds so they spend their lives preparing for it and wait for everything to fall into place.  For them, it starts the day the unknown woman steps off the bus, but before they can get to her, she is gone.   

     Will the pieces fall into place for the Fates, the men, and Cantelle?  Or does evil begin to take root with nothing to stop it?  Sometimes even the best laid plans—fail.

Warning: Sexually explicit content.  Ménage – MMF.